How We Got Here





Our names are Jessica Kaplan and Zoe Antell, and we are Vanderbilt undergrads passionate about the fashion industry and female empowerment. As members of Vanderbilt's business fraternity Delta Sigma Pi we were finding ourselves in constant need for business clothes. But, when it came time to attend events and internships, everything we owned was either uncomfortable, not feminine looking, or just not cute. And, the rare exceptions to this were way out of our price range. After experiencing this problem first hand, we found that this is something our fellow female fraternity members and college students are also experiencing. 



We discovered there is a significant gap in the retail market for college-aged women in need of business attire that is appropriate for networking, interviewing, and working while also being stylish and highlighting the uniqueness of each individual. This led us to co-founding ready dress go! Along this journey we hope to inspire young women, because when she looks and feels her best, she can reach her highest potential. Our underlying mission is to inspire women in the workplace and empower them through our clothing.