Manufacturing the Right Way

"It’s not in China, but in America that workers put in grueling 12 hour days, making garments that will be sold for anywhere from $5 to $75 for around three cents apiece paid out. The lofty goal of making what amounts to $5 an hour is in reality a pipe dream for them." -Forbes (2020)


Our process is just as important to us as our products. From sourcing fabric to designing tech packs to manufacturing our pieces, making a social and environmental impact is our #1 priority. 


We are so proud to partner with Prange Apparel, a female-owned and run small batch manufacturer based in Nashville, Tennessee. A recent winner of Nashville Fashion Week awards, we love supporting a local, female-run business with a mission to ethically produce the products we know you will love. 


Empowering women from the beginning until the end of our supply chain is our goal. Join us on our journey!