How should I decide which size to order?
Our sizing runs true to size for our Everyday Tank and Power Pants, and slightly big for the RDG Blazer. If you are between sizes for the RDG Blazer, size down. Feel free to check out our size guides for our Power Pants and the RDG Blazer on the product pages!
What is your return policy?
Free returns - no questions asked. Just send us an email if you want to make a return, and we can make it happen! We kindly ask you return items within 14 days of receipt.
When you are checking out, make sure to choose the shipping option that is right for you. We process orders in 2-3 business days once we receive them, and then we ship our products straight to you!
What is the ready dress go Boardroom?
When you Join the Boardroom, you receive an RDG newsletter, exclusive promotions, and access to a digital resource hub and an inclusive community of like-minded women entering the workplace. After making a purchase or donating to The Blazer Fund, you are granted access to the Boardroom! We can't wait to see you there. 
I am not looking for women's professional attire, but I would like to support ready dress go. How can I do so?
We know not all of you, especially our amazing male allies, are looking to purchase women’s professional attire. That said, you can still support our mission by contributing to The Blazer Fund. Accessible professional attire is not a reality for most women. That is why we created The Blazer Fund. Twice a year, ready dress go will donate as many outfits as the fund can sponsor for women who cannot afford to purchase their own professional attire. The Blazer Fund will empower even more women to succeed, through your generous contributions.
How can I stay involved with ready dress go? 
Follow us on Instagram and LinkedIn, like us on Facebook! We would love you hear from you - send us an email anytime!