Will you be my Galentine?

Whether you’re someone who hates or loves or doesn’t even care about Valentine’s Day, we are trying something new this year. How about a day dedicated to you, and loving yourself? 

Here are 7 ways we are expressing love today (and hopefully for a couple more days or weeks or even months coming up…) 

  1. Schedule a time in your day to do something for you, even if it's for just 10 minutes. Read a book, meditate, or just lay in bed. Anything goes. 
  2. Smile and/or laugh today! Spend time with people who will allow you to accomplish this goal.   
  3. Surround yourself with your favorite scent. For me that is warm, freshly baked chocolate chip cookies (which means you also get to probably eat a warm, freshly baked chocolate chip cookie.)  
  4. Invest in clothing that makes you feel confident and badass. Wear pieces that highlight who you are and make you feel beautiful.  
  5. Treat yourself! Indulge in something that makes you feel good but you don’t always allow yourself. Maybe its peace and quiet or a new reality show.  
  6. Call or go visit a friend or family you haven’t chatted with in awhile who you miss and love.  
  7. Learn about something new and random and fun that has been on your mind lately.   

We love YOU and hope you have a wonderful day today!

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