Why I Choose to Invest in Staple Professional Clothing During College

You can ask any college woman about her experience wearing and shopping for professional attire, and I would guarantee that they have something negative to say about their experience. Jessica and I have heard a lot of the struggles young women have with shopping for and wearing professional attire… so, what is our biggest piece of advice? Invest in core staple pieces during college. Keep reading to learn why!

Basic pieces are the best start to a professional wardrobe. If you are just getting started in the world of business wear, it is important that your first purchases are items that are adaptable to different seasons, occasions, and outfits. Professional clothes can be expensive, so investing in basics is a good way to find flexibility in these core pieces of your business wardrobe.

Investing in good quality items is more environmentally conscious and wallet-friendly. Young women right now are surrounded by a world of fast fashion, where fads and style trends go in and out before we can even blink an eye. With fast fashion comes poorly made clothes that usually don’t last very long (because they are not meant to)! Instead of buying the blazer that will fall apart and be out of style by next month, you can help save the landfills and your bank account by investing in timeless staple pieces that are made with truly long-lasting quality.

Young professional women deserve to look and feel their best in well-made products. If you’re in this demographic, you know that the fit and feel of businesswear is one of the biggest issues we have with this attire. Spending a bit more on professional attire by investing in staple pieces actually allows you to have clothing that fits well and therefore, makes you feel good. Doesn’t every young woman deserve that walking into the workplace?

With graduation and summer internships around the corner, I urge you to think about your core professional wardrobe and the staple pieces within it… Is there a go-to blazer in your closet that can fit with any outfit? Do you have pants that you don’t dread putting on before a business event? If you answered no to either question, it is probably worth doing some digging and finding investment pieces for your professional wardrobe. Need a good first place to look? Check out the ready dress go capsule collection for the pieces that we have designed as the perfect investment for any young woman in need of business attire! 

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