An Open Letter: To All of You, We Give Thanks

Thanksgiving is just around the corner, and has me thinking a lot about what I am thankful for, obviously. From a personal standpoint: amazing family and friends, having the opportunity to study at Vanderbilt, dessert…  all of the important things :) 

It also has me thinking about my journey as an entrepreneur and how thankful I am to have shared this amazing journey with Zoe for the past 3+ years. We started this business with a dream of what it would be like to help empower women to feel confident in their first professional settings. This dream, that we get to live out every day, is because of each and every one of you. 

I am first and foremost thankful to my friends, family, mentors, and advisors who have guided me through the early stages of ready dress go. It was our mentors at the Wond’ry, Vanderbilt’s Innovation Center, who helped us to prepare for our first pitch competition. Just last week, it was Professor Joe Rando who helped us create financial projections for next year. And after this, I plan on calling my sisters for help with a marketing campaign we are running shortly. For all of the people who have helped along the way, THANK YOU! 

I also feel extreme gratitude for Zoe, my co-founder, therapist, friend, role model, I could go on and on. Working with her makes me feel thankful, especially the 3am texts or random emails we send each other on a constant basis. 

I am thankful for our customers, everyone who throws us a like on Instagram or LinkedIn, and all of our supporters, near and far. This business could not be possible without each and every one of our viewers, readers, donors, and purchasers. 

I encourage you to reflect on what makes you feel thankful this week, and share it back with us in the comments. 


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