Spring Ahead

Spring has sprung! And so has Spring recruitment season. Besides getting you all up to date on Spring style, we also did a deep dive into all you need to know about job recruitment during these (hopefully) sunny months. 

Most importantly, during every recruitment process, staying organized is key. I personally like to keep an Excel spreadsheet of every company I am applying to, every person I have networked with relating to the current recruitment season, and also a separate sheet of ‘dream jobs.’ Even if these companies in your ‘dream’ list don’t have internship opportunities available/posted, this exercise can help to center your thinking in terms of what your priorities are, and where your interests are aligned. Finally, make sure you name this spreadsheet/organizer something FUN! You will be referencing it often, so you want it to make you feel like a QUEEN! 

The hardest part about going through a job search is ripping off the band aid. So my advice… rip it off hard and fast. Apply!! For just one job, even. Once you do it the first time, it can only get easier. After that, making a goal for yourself, maybe 3 applications per week + 2 networking calls, and trying to stick to it, is key. Set up rewards to incentivize you to nail these targets! 

Another important part of this process that I want to be sure to point out is the relevance of conducting informational interviews. Different from a networking call, an informational interview solely serves the purpose for you to learn about a firm/industry. These are way less formal and can lead into networking calls. Adding these into your personal plan can help you to gain clarity and connections. 

Finally, make sure you have the best wardrobe possible for when those interviews do come along! This is the perfect opportunity to invest in staple pieces that will take you from this summer to the next…

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