Pants, Please!

The process of designing our one and only Power Pants was anything but simple. As with all of our product development processes, we turned right to our potential customers for guidance on what they wanted to see (and to not see) in their 'ideal' work pants. Given how much they hated the existing options for work pants, these young women had a LOT to say…

“High-waisted is so trendy”

“No belt loops”

“Yes belt loops”

“Always so uncomfortable”

“They need pockets!!!”

“My work pants need to support me all day, from an important meeting to a long commute”

“Pants never fit right”

Taking into consideration all of the data we collected, we went to our first freelance designer who helped us transform our vision into reality. A few weeks later, we had a sample and technical pack (blueprint for how to construct the garment) which we used to collect more data and make another round of changes. With a physical sample in hand, future RDG customers were able to see and try on the pants while we collected any and all feedback. We went through this process a few times before landing on our final design, the Power Pants. In our humble opinion, these are the work pants of your dreams. Here’s why: 

  1. Modern fit: The Power Pants were designed to be high-waisted, tailored, and sleek. With the younger generations moving away from the frumpy professional look, RDG is leaving the zipper fly, button closure, low-waisted, weird fitting work pants in the past. Young professionals shouldn’t have to wear clothes that don’t fit them stylishly!
  2. Pockets: This was one of the most, if not THE most important components of the Power Pants. Have you ever bought a pair of business pants and tried to put your pants in the pockets only to have your fingers meet a dead end before the pocket even starts? Us too. And we were REALLY tired of that feeling. Ready dress go makes pockets a priority -- and they’re big too, fitting even the biggest of iPhones.
  3. Comfort: There is nothing worse than sitting in an office chair feeling like your pants are too suffocating, itchy, or stiff. We designed the Power Pants using a four-way stretch fabric so that comfort does not have to be a concern! They even passed co-founder Jessica’s comfort test -- she has fallen asleep in the Power Pants multiple times. That’s how you know;) 

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