Necklaces, Bracelets, and Rings... oh my!

Something that I personally struggle with is how to style my outfits, and in particular, jewelry, for professional events and related activities. In all honesty, jewelry is my guilty pleasure. Earrings, rings, a killer bracelet… I am rarely seen without my everyday jewelry on with a drop of something else that glitters. But when it comes to accessorizing for jobs and internships, finding the line between professional and trendy can be tricky.

Jewelry can help you convey your personal brand. Accessorizing (done right) can highlight your personality and uniqueness. So rather than shy away from gems, try to get comfortable incorporating them into your business 'fits. These 4 tips are helpful to keep in the back of your mind when assembling your professional look in the realm of your jewelry chest. 

1. Nothing too blingy. The worst thing that you could do is walk into an interview with too much sparkle or an abundance of name brands. This will only overshadow who you really are! More than anything, this can be distracting for the interviewer and give the wrong impression. Avoid huge statement pieces with brand names or recognizable logos. Instead, go for more elegant and understated pieces.

2. Find brands that represent who you are. I love brands that tell a story. My two favorite jewelry brands are Be Loved and Dana Rebecca. Both of which are female founded and run businesses, with incredible founders who I look up to and know personally. When I wear their jewels, it makes me feel empowered and I love talking about my experience of purchasing, or receiving these items as a gift. This also makes for a great conversation starter in professional networking settings. 

3. Layering works. If you are feeling like you need a bit more flair with your outfit, layer a couple of bracelets or necklaces that are individually maybe a bit simple, but together add a level of class and sophistication. If you are unsure if what you have on is a little too much, keep an extra bracelet or ring in your purse until you arrive to the event, and you can always decide there whether or not to add it on depending on the vibe. 

4. Just like with professional clothes, comfort is so important. Rings that will get in the way when you are writing or earrings that get caught in your hair are an automatic NO! Your jewelry should reflect a functional mentality. Avoid stacking your wrist with loud, clunky bangles or necklaces that you need to constantly adjust. The best jewelry are the pieces that you forget you are even wearing. 

Now start accessorizing, and comment back on your personal favorite jewelry trends below!


  • I love the jewelry pictured above!! Such great rings.

  • My favorite trend right now is stacking rings! That way I can either stack up or stack down based on the vibe.


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