My Graduation Gift Wishlist

With graduation right around the corner, for both high school and college students, you may be working on assembling your wishlist for your post-grad must-haves. Of course, a fun purse or flashy jewelry may catch your eye and tempt your wallet, but now is the perfect time to really invest in yourself and your future. We have identified what we believe to be the must-haves for your graduation shopping cart. 

  1. A new work bag is the first thing I am personally asking for this graduation season. Finding a bag that works for you is key. Does it need to have a laptop sleeve? Place for a water bottle? Backpack versus tote? Check out this laptop backpack ($128) and open tote ($398): they are functional and trendy, while also being perfect for any commute. 
  2. An Ellevest subscription ($9/month) is a SMART way to kick off your college or post-grad career. This digital investing platform is a women-focused and user friendly platform where you will see your money grow in front of your own eyes… 
  3. Invest in some tech! Airpods or an iPad will help you out in any new job setting (prices vary depending on model).
  4. Adorable new succulents ($24) for your new desk is a great add-on to any wish list! Decorating a new apartment can get expensive really fast, so asking for the fun accessories upfront will ensure you can still design the stylish apartment of your dreams.   
  5. And last but not least, the RDG Blazer ($150) is the perfect investment piece to add to your staple wardrobe. With 4-way stretch fabric and machine-washable, this blazer will last you a LONG time and you will look great while owning it. While shopping for business wear doesn’t always sound to be the most glamorous of options, this is a blazer that you can style for any night out, not just the business casual ones. 

To celebrate all grads, use the code ‘GRAD’ at checkout until midnight at 5/2 to receive a free Royal Blue Tank with any purchase! And comment back any additional gifts high up on your wishlist!

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