Not many people I know remember their third birthday. However celebrating ready dress go’s 3rd birthday comes along with some very exciting emotions. A lot has happened in the last three years, but a couple of key moments really rise to the top of my memory. 

One of my favorite RDG memories was the day that I saw our very first samples for the first time. Zoe had traveled to Philadelphia with her dad to pick them up and try them on, so she got to witness my look of disbelief and excitement when I got to touch, hold, and try on the clothes we had only previously imagined in our brains. That was the first time we truly made something together, and got to see the results from our ideas turning into reality. *See below for the first ever RDG samples - wow, they have come a long way!

original RDG samples

Another time that comes to mind were the long months of Covid, when we were sent home from Vandy with so much uncertainty. Zoe and I both describe the silver lining of our Covid experiences to be working on RDG. For me, working on something so special during a time period when so much had been taken from our world, it felt so cool to be creating and working on something that had never been done before. And it kept our brains working and our sanity in check. 

As we prepare this week for a pitch competition we are attending in Texas, sponsored by TCU, we are revamping our business plan, pitch deck, and branding materials. Even though so much has changed in the past three years, at our core, what we are pitching this upcoming Friday is the same idea we came up with three short years ago. 

For the next two days, help us to celebrate this momentous celebration using the code HBDRDG for 50% off your entire order with the purchase of 2+ RDG pieces!


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  • HBD RDG! Love it!


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