Behind the RDG Blazer

“Why a blazer?” you may ask. 

For us, there was never a question that we would design a blazer. For women gearing up for the business world, a blazer is the superhero cape to tie the whole outfit together. Blazers are symbols of confidence and strength in the professional world. So why are blazers often itchy, unflattering, and hard to find? This is what we wondered, too. 

There were a couple of key considerations we kept at the forefront of our mind when designing the RDG Blazer.


1. This blazer needed to be machine washable, and this was a non-negotiable for us. The fabric that we selected can be washed in your good ‘ole washing machine, and completely eliminates the cost and time involved with dry cleaning. During a busy summer internship or when you are running to back-to-back interviews, there isn’t time to drop off items, wait for them to be dry cleaned, and then return to pick up those same items. Just the thought of all of those steps is major UGH.

2. Blazers should be versatile, don’t you think? We designed the RDG Blazer with a simple and sleek design, without any ugly buttons, if we can add. Our blazer can be styled for work, yes, but we also love it with jeans and a tight tank for a night out

3. Pockets! We hated how unfair it was that men have a place to hide their sweaty palms or hold a phone while walking into an interview. Our blazer's pockets are wide enough to hold a phone, lip gloss, key card, or anything else you may need day-to-day. We loved these deep pockets so much that we added the same ones on our Power Pants

4. On-the-go-chic is the mantra that guides this blazer in and out of corporate offices. Its lack of shoulder pads and heavy fabric makes it a perfect blazer to throw in and out of a tote bag, or even tied around your waist. The best part? Even after a tumultuous day where the blazer can get wrinkled and tossed around, it remains completely wrinkle-free

5. Last but not certainly not least (as this is probably our most favorite aspect of our blazer)... COMFORT! This blazer feels like a cardigan - no wait - it is even better. Its lightweight and stretchy fabric doesn't itch and gives breezy, comfy vibes. We seriously never can take this bad boy off. 


We absolutely love the RDG Blazer, and we want to know that you do too! Comment below your favorite feature of this staple investment piece. Also, let us know what you hope to see in future blazer designs…. P.S.: there will be more coming soon…


  • LOVE that it is machine washable – not only for the reasons you mentioned but to avoid chemicals of dry cleaning! and amazing that goes seamlessly from business to social attire! Would love more colors – I wear mine a ton:)

  • This blazer is the best. Truly. I can’t wait for more colors and styles to be released!

  • I absolutely love my RDG Blazer! The pockets are amazing – definitely my favorite part. I wear mine to every interview!


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