2021: A Year in Review

Wow! What an incredible year 2021 has been. When looking back on what these past 12 months have meant for ready dress go, we are so excited about all of the amazing progress we have made. An exercise we recently participated in together was selecting one influential moment from each month of the past year of which we are truly proud. And we wanted to share all of these moments with you! 

January: Right when our feet hit the ground for the start of the second semester of junior year, we sprung into our first live photo and video shoot at the Nashville Entrepreneurship Center. 

February: February was a big month for us! We launched RDG with a pre-order model and placed our first manufacturing order with Prange Apparel.

March: This month we conducted our first focus group. We sampled, surveyed, and snacked alongside members of our target demographic and learned so much about customer preferences and needs. 

April: April was the first month our customers started wearing our products! We processed, shipped, and delivered our first orders. 

May: In May, we were interviewed for Vanderbilt Magazine, a huge press moment for us! 

June: Jess joined me in New York for the summer where both of us interned during the day and ready dress go-ed at night and on weekends. 

July: We started prepping for the big September launch and developed our website on Shopify. 

August: Time to gear back up… we returned to Nashville and started our senior years at Vanderbilt while preparing for lots of marketing efforts to come in September!

September: We were named Inno Under 25 by the Nashville Business Journal, and even got a front page cover! 

October: Our first pop-up event! With the lift of Covid restrictions, we hosted pop-up events where we loved interacting with young women of all different backgrounds. 

November: We were so excited to have been selected as a client of Michigan Innovation Marketing where our student team consults on RDG marketing. 

December: We launched our Holiday Boxes, our giftable promotion for sharing RDG with women in your life who are worth celebrating.  

 We can’t wait for all to come in 2022!

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